The Chingdom

Skywire @ 2021-04-07 17:25:48 +0100

The first boutique opening in Shanghai was in an unusual location, situated in a Fire exit! The prestigious Ferguson Lane was a community of shops, restaurant and offices in the heart of the French Concession. Presenting unique designs of shoes to the owner of the development, we were granted the right to decommission the fire exit and our first boutique was putting out all the fires of the rapid interest that followed.


Our Interior designs for the boutique gravitated towards using the key brand colour of the Opulence Royal Purple, with the playfulness of a bronze Panther that was named ‘Prince Eric’. Cushions with the slogan, ‘GOD SAVE MARY CHING’ welcomed the visitors.


The second boutique followed in Takashimaya Department store which saw mirrored fan like panelling with dancing leg tables holding MARY CHING merchandise. The dreamlike world of the CHINGdom continues to evolve the brand and London is the next foothold planned with a new store in the pipeline...


Due to restrictions of the Pandemic faced by us all, we will focus on the world of MARY CHING on our website, for now,  which we hope will inspire and entertain you. We look forward to sending you our products directly to your door.