Ms Ching

Skywire @ 2021-04-07 17:47:22 +0100

Founded in Shanghai in 2009 by Alison – MARY CHING - Yeung, is a luxury footwear and accessories brand which takes inspiration from her Eurasion roots – quirky Britishness fused with the rich history of China. She decided to create a world where we are all welcome.


The brand is wildly playful, eccentric and quirky and she wishes to keep these elements throughout her collections and designs.


Being the daughter of a diplomat gave Alison the opportunity and privilege to travel extensively and to live in exotic places around the world with her family. Home however is England, always. Studying fashion, Alison graduated from Central St. Martins design school in London. Her passion and love of design started from a young age when she was invited on an art scholarship at her first boarding school.


Alison is proud to have started her iconic designer shoe and luxury accessories brand in Shanghai at the tender age of 26 catering to the high end, young, sophisticated clientele of the fashion world. Her fame catapulted her into the permanent collection of Chinese shoe designers for the infamous Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Returning to London, she is looking forward to introducing the CHINGdom, which designs opulent shoes, ultra-soft cashmere slippers, fashionable loungewear and unique jewellery pieces under its name. Since its humble beginnings, the design house has grown and continues to evolve. Alison is thrilled you can join her on this incredible journey. The epic story continues… Welcome to the CHINGdom.