How many collections do you do per year?
We do not do collections per se but have monthly drops of new items. The more you buy, the more we will create for you.

Where are the products manufactured?
Our Luxury Shoes are manufactured in Italy and China in family run manufacturing facilities. Our Luxury Cashmere Slippers and Cashmere Loungewear are manufactured in a Female run facility in Inner Mongolia and our Jewellery is made lovingly in Italy and Thailand.

How do I take care of the products?
To keep your shoes looking great, keep them clean by washing off any dirt with a dry cloth and condition them with a leather conditioner to keep them supple. Try and keep them out of the rain and snow/ice. If they do get wet, towel off any water and put some tissue/newspaper into the shoe to hold the shape.  Let them airdry, hairdryers or heaters will cause the leather to shrink, and then clean and moisturise them once dry.

Is the whole collection on the website?
No, some items will be sold in select locations and not on our website, depending on the collaborations. Also we want to offer surprises and differentiate between online and offline experiences.

What is the quality of gold used by the jewellery?
We use 18KT gold. Only the best darling!

How long have you been making jewellery?
I have been designing and making jewellery since I was in University however launching online, is taking my virginity.

What is your Corporate Social Responsibility policy?
We aim to be a company that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.  Our initiatives are focused on what we believe are the four pillars of CSR: Community, Employees, Environment and Market Place. We strive to ensure that the products we produce will have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate, both manufacturing and selling. We take care to ensure our employees work in an environment that is safe and respectful at all times. We seek out solutions to ensure the smallest impact on the environment possible and are constantly working on reducing our impact. This will evolve over time as we reduce our impact in all areas of our business. The market place policy ensures that we respect all laws and our own conscience with respect to fair trade, good business practices and ensuring that our business is transparent enough so that our customers and employees can feel confident in the products that we offer are meeting the standards that we have promised.

How can I receive info on the new products?
Please sign up for our newsletter. We will treat you as a Queen.

How do I find product on the website?
You can scroll through or search directly for the item. Check out our Instagram to see more about products and behind the scenes.

How do I create a wish list and how do I share with friends?
Yes please – do share with us what you love and feel free to share with friends. We have a Wishlist icon which you are welcome to join. We have a good return policy so just treat yourself as you are worthy of a new gift everyday.

Do you offer gift cards?
Please contact us if you would like to send a gift card, we can do this physically or virtually.

How can I contact you?
You can send us an email at or call us at +44-7379-203711.

What form of payment Is accepted when making a purchase?
We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express for purchases.

Can I customize my shoes?
We would love to do some customisation for you.  Please email us for any customisation requests. Challenge us with some crazy ideas.


How can I return or exchange my product?
Each package will come with a return form that we would ask you to fill out.  Send this form in to us and we will arrange for pick up and return of the item. Or if they do not fit, put them on a shelf and they immediately become works of Art! Our shoes are so beautiful you can appreciate them static and do not need to be worn to be appreciated.


How or where can I get my shoes repaired?
For any repairs, you can send them to us or go to any reputable shoe repair service.  We will be happy to recommend some in your area. Or we advise, do not wear them often. They are precious treasures and should treated so at all times. Or wear them out and buy a new pair.


What is the delivery time frame?
At the moment, we are making deliveries in the UK only and our warehouse is in London.  All London based addresses will be delivered within 2 business days and outside of London, 3-4 business days. Blame it on Brexit for these inconveniences.


Can I book a private appointment?
Absolutely, we would be happy to help you at your convenience.  Please contact us by email to set this up. Any excuse to welcome you for a glass of Champagne and a shopping experience!


How do I know my shoes will fit?
We have published a size guide on our website and also have recommendations for any size variations on the product page. However if they do not fit, Prince Charming will struggle to find you.


Why do you only ship within the UK?
Right now we are doing this to ensure that our customers get our products in a reasonable time frame.  Once the Brexit issues have been sorted out, we will begin to sell in the EU, US and Asia. Trust us, we are working on this but do send us a direct email we will personally be your butler service and go to the post office personally for you to ship Internationally.


Can I reserve an item to purchase later?
Unfortunately not. We do not hold a lot of inventory so will be selling the items as soon as they are available.  This allows us to minimize our inventory levels and keep the costs as low as possible to you. 


I received a faulty product, what do I do?
Please accept our sincere apologies if this has happened.  You would have received our ugly duckling which is one of a kind and collectable. Please contact us by email with the filled out returns form and we will contact you to see when the faulty item can be picked up and if you would like a replacement or your money back. Please also see our returns policy.


When will I get a refund?
Once we have received the returned products, we will check it again and then request your credit card company return the money.  You should get a confirmation of this within one week. We promise not to run away with your money.


My shoes are a bit small, will they expand?
Check that you are not hungover, as toes tend to swell with Alcohol and I know how much we love our Champagne. However, your shoes will expand as you wear them in the width but not in the length. Or get pregnant and they will definitely stretch. If your toes are hitting the end of the shoe then you will need either a size or half size larger.  Please feel free to contact us for advice on what shoe size to order or buy a pregnancy test.